From Donor to Patient: Paul’s Journey at OSMH

Paul Weir is a local retired teacher who lives in Orillia with his wife Shirley. He has been supporting the OSMH Foundation for more than 25 years. About six years ago, after making a donation Paul said to Shirley, “we might actually have to use this Hospital one day.”  

Paul Weir has been a supporter of OSMH for over 25 years. Recently, a cardiac arrest episode led him to become a patient too.

It wasn’t long after that realization Paul suffered cardiac arrest. He was giving a presentation at a Mason meeting at the Orillia Masonic Temple, “I went to step down from the podium and I just fell sideways,” he said. Luckily for Paul, he was in good company with many off-duty first responders on-site. Paul was brought to OSMH to be stabilized, sent to RVH for an angiogram, and to Southlake for a pacemaker and a defibrillator.  

After all that traveling, Paul was glad to recover at Soldiers’ close to his home.  

“At Soldiers’ one nurse was just like my mother in the way she cared for me and made sure I stayed in bed,” Paul said. “Everyone was so polite, and they fed me so well. My only criticism is about the green beans.”  

Paul continues to give graciously to Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Foundation and says it is especially important now “With this health, I’ve got to.”  

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