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Not Every Patient Story is Big, But at Soldiers', Every Story Matters.

Making lives better is a big deal at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.

The hospital’s doctors, nurses and support staff work tirelessly – often without enough space, resources or equipment – to provide patients with the best care they possibly can.

Chris Iles experienced this firsthand. Last summer, he checked into Soldiers’ busy emergency department with excruciating abdominal pain.

“It was just crazy. The amount of stuff that was going on that day and what the staff had to put up with,” he recalls. “They were super swamped.”

After 45 minutes, there were no bays available, so Chris was given a bed in the hallway. Although not ideal, it was the best ER staff could do to get Chris the attention and testing he needed as quickly as possible.

Chris’s story is not “big”. His life wasn’t in danger, and it took him just a few days to fully recover.

But that doesn’t mean his story didn’t matter. It was important to him, to his loved ones, and to his healthcare team. His story could easily be yours, or the story of someone close to you.

At Soldiers’, every patient and their story matters.

After Chris’ experience in emergency, his wife, Amanda, decided to donate to the Orillia Solider’s Memorial Hospital Foundation. They both wanted to show their appreciation for the hard-work, attentiveness, and kindness of the hospital staff.

“I wished I could have just handed out money to everyone there,” Amanda said. “They were just incredible.”

Join Chris and Amanda in supporting Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital by making a gift today. Remember, small acts really do make a big difference.