In Memory or In Honour of Someone Special

Honour someone special or pay tribute to the memory of a loved one who has passed by making a gift to the Foundation. These donations are a meaningful way of honouring and recognizing important individuals in your life while supporting our community healthcare needs.


Memorial Gifts

You may make a memorial gift in memory of a family member, friend, colleague or relative who has died. When you make a memorial donation, you are making a difference in your community in the name of that special person. Their memory lives on through the work your donation allows the Hospital to do in their honour.


Tribute Gifts

You may make a tribute gift to recognize someone special who has touched your life, or to honour a special event such as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary.

When you make a tribute or memorial gift, your donation will be acknowledged immediately and a card will be sent to the individual or family that you are honouring. A thoughtful message on the card will let them know a special gift has been made in their name. The amount of your gift will be kept confidential. When mailing a gift, please include the name and address of the individual or family.

To make a tribute or memorial gift, please choose one of the following options:

  • Donate online
  • Donate by phone 705.325.6464
  • By downloading the Donation Form and returning it to the Foundation Office


Sea of Life Baby Wall of Honour

The birth of a child is an incredibly special life event. What better way to commemorate the birth of your baby than by adding their name to our Sea of Life Wall of Honour!

By making a donation to the Foundation, your contribution is acknowledged with a fish inscribed with your baby’s name and birth date. Each fish swims in a whimsical scene of schools of other fish and sea creatures on the Sea of Life Wall of Honour, located just outside of our Birthing and New Family Services Unit.

The Sea of Life is a great way for grandparents, parents, relatives or and friends to commemorate this special occasion. Plus, as they get older, searching for their fish is a fun way for kids to feel a special connection to the Hospital where they were born!

Sea of Life Baby Wall

To order a fish in honour of a new baby, please download the Baby Wall Brochure and Order Form and return it to the Foundation Office.