First-time Ticket Purchaser Wins the August Soldiers’ 50/50 $17,540 Prize

Shawna Rimkey of Severn has 17,540 reasons to celebrate, as the lucky winner of Soldiers’ 50/50 August draw.

Shawna, a first-time Soldiers’ 50/50 player, , came across an advertisement online for Soldiers’ 50/50 and wanted to give back. “I don’t typically buy lottery tickets,” she explained. “I said to my husband that I really want to give and then I saw the ad, so I thought for a small amount of money I get lots of chances. If I don’t win, that’s okay because I know it’s going to a wonderful cause.” 

“Soldiers’ is near and dear to my heart,” she continued. “Our children were born at Soldiers’, our grandchildren were born there, and my son was in a bad car accident ten years ago and recovered very well there. We’re big supporters of our community, and when I saw this opportunity to give, it was without question, I want to give back.”

Shawna and her husband Dave were so excited that they quickly called up their family to video chat and show them the giant cheque.  Family means a lot to them, and Shawna plans to spend her winnings on her grandchildren, a new kitchen counter, and a delicious lobster dinner. She is also looking forward to donating some of her winnings back to the community. 

Soldiers’ 50/50 is a monthly online raffle in support of the Hospital’s greatest needs. It is open to all residents of Ontario over the age of 18. The next raffle is now underway with a guaranteed prize pot of $5,000. Players will also have a chance to win three great prizes: an early bird prize of a VIP package for two for the Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Foundation Gala, an early bird prize of $500 cash and the grand prize on September 24, 2021. Funds raised in the next draw will continue to support the purchase of a new MRI for Soldiers’. Tickets are available online at

The OSMH Foundation’s Mark Riczu presents Shawna Rimkey and her family with a cheque for $17,540, prize winnings from the August Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle.