Investing in Healthcare Champions

John MacFadyen (Small)

At the Soldiers’ Foundation, we invest a great deal of money into medical equipment. It’s time we recognize the need to dedicate funds to the people who use them.

Our Hospital takes pride in providing our patients the highest quality care, but we can only do that if we continue to support our devoted healthcare champions through wellness and education.

Linda Lewis was a valued member of the Soldiers’ community. She was a wife, a mother, grandmother, an incredibly accomplished lawyer and a respected Board Member at our Hospital. Her thirst for new challenges sparked The Linda Lewis Education fund, and when she passed in 2008, our Hospital collected an immense amount of donations in her honour.

As a public nurse herself in the 1970’s and 1980’s, she knew the importance of continuing education and always being willing to learn. We take that same approach so that our dedicated healthcare champions are able to take on new opportunities through continuing education workshops and training seminars to make their dreams come true.

But our journey to investing in our healthcare champions doesn’t stop there.

Recently, our healthcare champions have been aggressively meeting the needs of the global pandemic. After two long years, they are facing burn out. From the demanding effects of working long hours in full personal protective equipment and restricted visitor policies, COVID-19 has challenged our champions with significant stress and fatigue. 

The wellness of our champion team is our top priority. This is why our Hospital is enhancing the wellness resources that we provide by offering Compassion Fatigue training, Leadership Development and Aspiring Leaders, Soldiers’ Spirit Days and even just simply asking our teams for feedback so that we can better support their needs.

Shelley Johnson is a Registered Nurse at Soldiers’. In 2018, she underwent a life altering moment during a rotation at work when an emergency CT scan showed that she had a life-threatening aortic dissection, meaning, the main blood vessel in her chest was torn open. It was a matter of life or death, and thankfully, her life was saved.

Working and up-to-date equipment is integral to our Hospital, but ensuring our healthcare workers are properly supported, just as Shelley was, is fundamental to continue attracting only the best and brightest to our champion team.

Soldiers’ is a leader in healthcare and an overall exceptional place to work. By making sure education and wellness are fully funded, our community can rest assured knowing that our care teams are here to stay.

An investment in our plans is an investment in our healthcare champions and with just $300,000 left to help fund this initiative, your gift will ensure our care teams have the educational, mental health and wellbeing support they need to succeed and maintain excellent patient care. 

“Providing opportunities for development keeps nurses in our community. It also allows healthcare staff to see that we encourage an environment of growth within the organization.”

– Cheryl Harrison, VP of Patient Care Services, Soldiers’

Cheryl Harrison