Earlier More Accurate Diagnosis

Svetlana Carrigan (Small)

When something is medically wrong, we know you want answers and you want them fast.

Doctors rely on testing to make accurate diagnoses to develop treatment plans for their patients. Your health is our top priority and our commitment is to bring you the best possible care, in the quickest way possible.

That’s why at Soldiers’, we are investing in a brand new $3 million MRI Suite with the most up to date changes our Hospital needs in order to give you the care you deserve.

Our Hospital performs more than 200 diagnostic imaging tests daily, including MRI scans. But with a 14-year-old machine that typically only has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, the lack of updated equipment can significantly impact the quality of patient care.

We know how important it is that our community is able to get these vital tests and their results close to home. With the support of your investment, Soldiers’ will be able to provide our neighbours, friends and family unmatched care without the persistent interruption of maintenance or downtime delays.

Soldiers’ medical lab is tucked away in the basement of the building and is a bustling department of doctors and technologists diagnosing illness, saving lives and forming treatment plans. A patients’ cancer journey is one of the most difficult and emotions are often scattered. Our aim is to make this journey as seamless as possible and that’s why an updated MRI suite is essential. 

Any test, no matter the diagnosis, can stir up stress and anxiety and we want you to be comforted knowing that our goal is to minimize that risk for you as much as possible. With your support, the new and improved MRI suite provides our community with more comfort options such as a larger opening to reduce a sense of claustrophobia during longer exams.

Our community deserves treatment closer to home. This is a convenience for many of us, but a necessity for those who are unable to travel for their care needs. 

“What could be more important than the health of our community? I want this hospital to be here for my family for generations to come.”

– Bill & Sue Swinimer, Donors

Swinimer Family