CIBC Invests in Life-Saving Community Care with the Purchase of a Histology Tissue Processor for Soldiers’ Lab

CIBC is helping to advance patient care at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (Soldiers’) with the purchase of a new histology tissue processor used to assist in the accurate diagnosis of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

The Histology Tissue Processor allows for microscopic analysis of cells and tissues that require the preparation of very thin, high-quality sections (slices), that, when appropriately stained, demonstrate normal and abnormal cell and tissue structures.

“Tissue processing is critical in all pathology laboratories. Without a functioning tissue processor, specimens cannot be prepared for diagnostics and cancer diagnosis,” says Dr. Svetlana Carrigan, Anatomical Pathologist at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.

While the Soldiers’ lab has a tissue processor, it is small and only allows one run a day on a single protocol, which is not ideal for different tissue sizes. Any unexpected failure in the absence of a backup can lead to increased turnaround times, delay of cancer treatment and loss of or compromised surgical specimens. The new, upgraded tissue processor will eliminate these concerns and allow the old machine to serve as a backup.

“We are incredibly grateful to CIBC for providing this generous gift towards the We Are All Soldiers’ campaign,” says Brittany Wilson, Development Officer, Major Gifts for Soldiers’ Foundation. “They have addressed one of our key areas of need, funding for earlier, more accurate diagnosis and their purchase of the tissue processor means patients can start life-saving treatments sooner. This is a big improvement for our staff, our hospital and our community.”

The CIBC community program is committed to building strong, vibrant places where every member of the community can make their ambition a reality. For Soldiers’, this means providing the community it serves with exceptional care close to home.

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Shannon McIsaac, Medical Laboratory Technologist at Soldiers’, uses the new histology tissue processor generously donated to the Soldiers’ Lab by CIBC.