Recurring Gifts

A Recurring Gift is a donation made once a month, once a quarter, once a year or at regular intervals of your choosing. Recurring donations allow you to support specific equipment and education programs throughout the year and it helps the Hospital have a predictable stream of income to maximize your investment.

By signing up to make recurring gifts, you can easily and actively make a difference in the future of healthcare in our community.

It’s simple.

Just determine an amount you would like to contribute and the frequency at which you would like to make your donation. The amount will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card.

Benefits to you, the donor:

  • You have complete control
  • You can choose the day the withdrawal takes place to best sync with your financial schedule
  • You receive one tax receipt at the end of each calendar year
  • You can adjust and/or cancel your contribution at any time by contacting the Foundation Office
  • You can direct your gift to your preferred program of choice
  • Your donations will amount to a significant contribution over the year (i.e. $25 per month equals $300 a year, $100 per month equals $1,200 a year)

To make recurring gifts, please complete the forms below and submit them to the Foundation via fax at 705.325.4693 or email at [email protected].

Online Donation Form
General Donation Form
Pre-Authorized Debit Form

For further information, please contact us at 705.325.6464 or email us at [email protected].