“Providing opportunities for development keeps nurses in our community. It also allows healthcare staff to see that we encourage an environment of growth within the organization.”

- Cheryl Harrison, VP of Patient Care Services, OSMH

Cheryl Harrison

Continuing education opportunities are extremely important in recruiting and retaining excellent healthcare professionals in the local area. Support for education opportunities at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital is not just helping one person, but many. This allows the hospital to provide healthcare stuff such as nurses professional development and career advancement opportunities, all while improving the care of patients.
Examples of educational opportunities include workshops, conferences, training seminars and review courses.

As a fiscally responsible hospital, we are currently attempting to ensure that all nurses are working at an optimum level within their scope of practice (i.e. we try not to have an RN doing work that could be done by an RPN). As a result, any time a nurse expands their scope of practice, they can be considered for more advanced positions within the organizations.